1. .........for all of you home health nurses out there who have to deal with PPS,OASIS and reimbursement reductions as a result of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997: If you haven't been reading the posts under the new forum topic related to patient safety/care, please do so! The media has expressed an interest in how recent changes in healthcare has impacted our ability to provide quality patient we all need to know how you are affected too! Please read the 20/20 thread, and post your stories too!

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  3. by   Maddie
    I am also interested in hearing from other nurses who are in home health and how Oasis is affecting your agency and most importantly the patients. We were surprised to learn that any of our medi-care patients cannot deny letting us gather the oasis data. If they do they have to be discharged from home care. Many of our elderly are already anxious about our government for many reasons. How is the morale of the nurses at you agency? It seems that more and more time is being taken away from patient care to do paperwork.