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I am working for a startup Adult Day Care company and we are also starting a home health medical and non-medical agency. I am hearing that staff are now paid by the visit and not hourly? And how do I find out what is the industry standard?

Not necessarily the industry standard, but the local standard. Call on competitors and ask. You can pretend to be a prospective employee. Some will actually give out their per visit or hourly rate. Look for ads on the employment websites, sometimes that information is provided in job listings. If you can't find anything for your city, look for the nearest areas. Their wages/rates won't be too far off.

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Yes, I agree with caliotter3. It's much more important to look at the local standard vs. industry-wide, since rates will vary significantly based on location.

Not all companies have moved to the pay per visit model, but it has definitely gained popularity over the recent past. Some of the agencies in my area have created a "modified" approach to this model by paying the staff a base salary and offering incentives/bonuses for visits completed beyond the minimum expectation. There are pros and cons to both methods.