Home Health Northern Atlanta

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I am wanting to move to the northern atlanta-metro area. More specifically, the roswell or woodstock/holly springs areas are where I am looking. How is the home health job market for LPN's? I have one year of exp in Florida in group homes where I cared for ventilator patients 2-3 at a time. Are there home health jobs for LPN's in northern metro-Atlanta area that are similar? Do any of the companies have similar setups where there are 2-3 patients per LPN in group homes that the agency owns? The pay was decent for florida; I think?. I get $18 for having two patients and $20 if I have 3 patients at a time in the group home. I stay at one group home owned by the agency for 12 hours. I do not know if the company that I work for is unique or if there are similar nursing agencies in metro atlanta with group home like here in orlando. But, it is not a bad gig. Any info is appreciated. Thanks. I want to move because I enjoyed the outdoor activities in Georgia so much more than Florida. I want to trade the mountains for the beach. Any takers...ha ha.