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Hi there, 

I am a senior nursing student graduating in May!! I can't wait to start my career. I am a nurses aide for home care agency. I have worked there for 5 years. My question is, will visiting nurse agencies hire new grad nurses? The hospital isn't for me. I know everyone recommends two years of Med Surg, but this isn't where my heart is. I really meant to be a visiting nurse. 




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Hey, congrats! I'm a student also graduating in May this year and I am very interested in home health care. However, both teachers, clinical instructors, and preceptors for my community/home health care clinical have all told me the same thing: home health care agencies rarely hire new grads. This is because of the vast amount of autonomy nurses have in these positions. When encountered with difficult situations requiring strong clinical judgment, new grads simply lack the experience needed to make safe and effective decisions and they don't have colleagues at the ready to ask for help as in a hospital or other type of facility.

I agree with this logic and, after following my nurse preceptors for that clinical, I agree that I would have no clue what to do half of the time. So I'm planning on going to the med-surg route first. Of course, your options aren't limited to the hospital if you really don't like it. There's always doctor's offices and long term care facilities. And, technically, nothing's stopping you from applying to home health care positions - I don't think hiring new grads is something that never happens. There's always a chance. However, just make sure that you're acting in the best interest of patient safety.

Whatever you choose, I wish you all the best.