Holy Recruitment Calls, Batman!


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Bam! Pow!

The job search is afoot. Despite a stellar interview a year ago for my desired position, the project for which I'd be hired never came to fruition.

So I've polished my resume', applied to a few places, and my information and employability is in the ether attached to many job sites' databases.

I had to get a new "professional email only" email so that I could weed through these frequent requests. Lots of voicemails as well.

I answered some today.

Based on my take on advice here from fine folks such as Jules and Boston, when one asked me today what I'd be asking I simply gave her a number, quickly. She balked, but I also stated I'd done my own market research and I know what I'm worth because the docs will bill incidence-to and I know what volume I could see, more or less.

I wonder if I came on too strong, but I will stand my ground. While salary is negotiable, being undervalued is not.

But I am gleefully deleting emails asking for me to work as an RN. The autobots are not reading my objective line in the resume' or application process. "Employment as an advanced practice nurse" or something like that.

Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel!

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Nice! The more comfortable you get telling them right up front your required rate the easier it will get and the quicker people will realize you mean business. It is disorienting to them initially because so many NPs just take whatever is offered. Let them have some time to digest it. Recruiters are the perfect ones to trial it on and find your groove because they are unlikely to be the ones you will actually get your job from so if you come across too strong no biggie, imo. Please keep us posted and good luck.