June 7-10, 2007 - American Holistic Nurses Association 27th Annual Conference

  1. american holistic nurses association 27th annual conference
    wheel of life - celebrating transitions
    june 7-10, 2007
    lake tahoe, california

    take a breath of fresh air, unwind and re-discover yourself and your nursing practice!

    for our 2007 conference, we’ve found the mecca of tranquility – the picturesque, european style, 74-acre, granlibakken conference center and lodge in tahoe city, calif. we’ll have the entire lodge to ourselves where you can enjoy our usual extensive array of conference workshops, fabulous keynoters, sharing circles, bookstore, gift shop, and vendors – all in the serene backdrop of the forested sierra nevada mountains and the cool, pristine waters of lake tahoe. go hiking, kayak, relax and connect with your surroundings during this special time of self-discovery and celebration of your life’s journey.

    [color=#339966]"the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” – john muir

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