It's dificult to change!!!

  1. Hi! I'm a communitary nurse, working in Porto/Portugal and I'm strugling to fortificate the fondations of this theme in the actions of nurses of the institution were I work. This is a largely debated Theme and everyone knows that this is the way for a proper and professional condut.
    And i had some ... "diferencies" with some of my colleges, only because I defend this way of working! The last one was because I said that psicological factores interfere with the healing process of the wounds.
    That's why I've opened this therad!!!
    I'm here to ask all my collegues that have read this, and that are willing to help me, to send me bibliografy were this theme is aborded (psiological factores interfere with the healing process), so that I can defend myself with cientific knoledge (the only thing that matters)!

    Thanks to anyone (even if you can't help me) :-))

    P.S.: I know that my english is not very accurate, but hey ... the important is that YOU understand!!!
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  3. by   Heldux
    Sorry about that... I've forgotten to write the theme... The theme is holistic nursing!
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    Here's a link that might help... good luck
  5. by   Heldux
    Thans Sleepyeyes, I'll try that!