Holistic Nursing for RNs only????

  1. I am an LVN who is interested in Holistic Nursing. In searching the web, I am noticing that any continuing education is for "RNs only".

    Does anyone know of a Holistic site or organization that does not uninclude LVNs???
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  3. by   MnMnurse
    Yes, I know of one, it is www.gifam.org Good luck! The world needs more holistic nurses.
  4. by   Anjewels
    Thank you very much for that information!!! I am about to start employment with a natural health and wellness center, and want to be able to increase my knowledge! I'm glad there is a way for me to do that without having to be an RN first!!!

    Thanks again!

    Take care!
  5. by   nativehealer
    mnmnurse, i too thank you. i am a spiritual healer and practice alternative medicine. the natives in this land have been practicing holistic medicine for decades. we are glad that others are bringing back the old ways of medicine and incorperating it with modern medicine.


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  6. by   lisabeth
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