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Hired for My First CNA Job


Just sharing my excitement, I just got hired for my first CNA job!

I will be working the 7-3 shift, in long term care on the Alzheimer's unit. I got my certification in March and it only took 3 months to get hired. I was worried it would take a lot longer being inexperienced. But I know its meant to be!

Any tips or advice greatly appreciated


I just had an interview today and they are holding the position for me until i take/pass the state exam on 7/15! So hopefully I will pass ;)

it's a great day for both of us!


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why did it take u 3 months to get a job?

Although it may be easier to get a job as a CNA, it is not always as easy as some may think. I know some girls who were still looking to get hired after 3 mo. I know in the area where I live there were CNA positions available in abundance just a month or two ago...now I go through the same sites & there are just a handful. Goes with the times, I guess :)

congrats for getting the job, I mean for myself I would like a 3rd shift job, but that is me. As far as an alz unit/places would prob float you if you are new to the place regardless of your experience.