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Hired at CHOA!!!


Specializes in Pediatric and Family medicine.

I just want to share my joy with you guys!! I was recently hired at CHOA. I have always wanted to work for CHOA and I plan to stay for a very long time. I have had many different rocks thrown in my way but with God favor and mercy and the support of my family I am living one of my dreams. I say this to be encouragement to someone who needs a lifting word. I am currently finishing my pre reqs and then I will apply for nursing school in 2015. This has been a long journey but i refuse to give up!! Im so happy to have the chance to work for such a wonderful company!! Now I need to complete my goal by getting my BSN while working at my dream hospital. With Gods help I will soon get there. Please keep me in your prayers xoxox

Congrats!! I know you will enjoy your employment there!

Congratulations! Can you say what the hiring process consist of? I would like to work there too and I have applied but always rejected.