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  1. I received a letter from Workman's Comp on Friday and I noticed that the second page does not belong to me. It was someone elses. The pts name, address, date of injury, employer and claim number was in that letter. Now my concern is, I don't know where my second page is that also includes my address and etc. what should I do? I just want my second page back. I don't want any psycho showing up at my house.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    i have had a similar thing happen to me with my taxes-- i got a statement from someone who had paid me, which was appropriate, but they included what they paid someone else, too. the forms printed out two to a page and the secretary who printed them out mailed the whole page to the address at the top, in my case, me, not noticing that she had to cut the pages in half.

    i called the secretary to notify her that this had occurred and to recall all the wrong info from all the wrong recipients. call the comp people and tell them. they probably slipped a page somewhere and hundreds of people are affected