1. I recently had a hipaa violation at my place of employment. I accidently gave the wrong script to a patient when discharging them. I gave the person another person's script. My employer is now investigating this. I'm just wondering what kind of consequences I am facing now?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    That depends on how your employer decides to handle it. Mistakes happen, and medical information gets sent to the wrong people very often. Your employer will probably look into what caused you to make this mistake- was it a busy day, were the names similar, are all the prescriptions kept in the same place, etc? As well as what you did when the error was discovered (report it right away, attempt to contact the patients, apologize, or try to cover it up, etc). The culture at your place of employment- including whether they have a history of treating mistakes as learning opportunities or handing out punishments- will tell you the most about what kind of response to anticipate.
  4. by   Purple_roses
    What ended up happening OP?