HIPAA-Is anyone else being made miserable by this?

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Is anyone else being made miserable by this legislation? Their are posters plastered all over our facility with hippos on it (I kid you not) with stupid little sayings and such. They even have these stupid posters in the employee bathrooms for crying out loud!! Pictures of hippos with ballerina tutus and slippers on their feet. Sometimes I work as the house super and have to retrieve charts from medical records (Health Information Services, excuse me). I don't even want to have to do that for fear of breaking some federal law and get slapped with a huge fine and or imprisonment. Does anyone else believe this is going to be a witch hunt? This legislation is just another reason I am seriously considering leaving bedside nursing...is it any wonder why bedside nurses are leaving in masses?

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Here , too. We had a bunch of big mandatory inservices and a hippopotamus was the theme for all the flyers and hand outs, also. It's so cheesy.

I occasionally work as HS relief and I am paranoid about even looking up patient info. for legit purposes. I was already worried about going into Pharmacy after hours for meds and now this. I did forget to call security when we mediflighted a pt. out and the traffic stuff didn't get put up and this car was moved by the air turbulence and they complained and you know there is a whopper fine for that, too. Just take my paycheck for the next 1,000 years.


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We haven't started hanging up posters yet, but we have had 2 big inservices about this. Everyone is so paranoid. It's actually pretty scary to think that you could get fined for so many things. Our hospitals don't have enclosed nursing stations. It's all open, anyone can hear anything that is being said and technically a patient or family can complain about that. I also work as a Contingent House Director. I have never thought about issues with getting medical charts, but we have one very large issue facing us. My full time job, and part of the job of the House Director is to place the patients in a bed hospital wide. During the day, it is not unusual for me to get called for 2 or 3 admissions within a short period of time. Because of this, it is often necessary to be on one floor and call the other with the admission. I've tried all kinds of different ways to relay this information, but it is nearly impossible without violating some rule. I worry everyday. I just can't believe the number of regulations. It is all overwhelming.

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All of the above are covered under usual TPO--treatment, payment and operational standards. 80% is documenting policy and procedure, 20% is carrying out standards with change of routine.

Open nursing station OK---just use caution in giving out patient information, lower voice if public around. Document in P + P why Nsg sups need access to pharmacy and any contigency re limited night closet etc.

Charts at bedside ok---just use coversheet so info isn't blatently in open. Charts on door OK--just turn name inside, etc.

Problem is there has been TOO MUCH info accidentaly released. Just heighten awareness. NO panic at my agency.

I choose to use Elvis swingin hips with our campain " GET HIP WITH HIPAA" --- 60's more my style.


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Mandatory inservices here too. Haven't attended mine yet though.



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Of course, our hospital is going to wait till the last minute before they start inservicing on HIPAA. Most of what we have heard is been through our manager (and she is pretty reliable). I just cringe to think about all the new regs and stuff. As if we didn't have enough to worry about...you know like saving lives and such....:rolleyes:

Originally posted by deespoohbear

...for crying out loud!! Pictures of hippos with ballerina tutus and slippers on their feet.

OMG! Hahahahaha! When I left the medical management company I worked for, a department was getting set up to get the company "HIPPA Compliant". Then came those Hippo's!!!! Uhgggg!!!!

I'm with you Deespoohbear....Grrrrrr to the Hippo mascot!



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Thank goodness. I did have to do an inservice on line- for which I took the test got a perfect score, and did not bother with the tutorial. I don't think it will turn into a witch hunt, just don't access your records or your moms records and if you don't know the lab results on your patient you can sweetly look at the MD andsay, "I thought I might be breaking a hippa regulation to look at them".....

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