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higher level education: Am I doing the right thing?

by keq9969 keq9969 (New) New

I have enrolled in the FNP program. I truely want to advance my career, however, I have developed panic attacks and feelings of dread and doom. I am very excited about becoming an advanced pratitioner but this anxiety is so severe I am thinking about quiting. I know this is something that I want but the anxiety is so extreme I am questioning getting on an SSRI.

I don't need the money and I love my job as a BSN staff RN. Is this normal to be so panic stricken? I am 48 and have been told by doctor's and APRN's that I am extemely smart and I need to become an APRN. I love being the 'resource nurse' and I feel I do well when dealing with issues that other nurses can't solve. I have a great job and make very good money. Over 70,000 yearly. I love teaching and problem solving. What is wrong with me that I am so afraid to advance my degree?