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High school Pre Nursing student

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by LLL LLL, CNA (New) New Pre-Student

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Hey everyone! I'm currently a senior in high school graduating in 3 months. So far I've got my CNA license and am working on my PCT and Phlebotomy certification. I plan to work during college so I don't want my courses to be too much. I've already taken my English classes in high school and have figured out my prereqs for the schools I want to go to. Here's the layout I have come up with. Please let me know if there are classes I shouldn't take together or things that you would change. 

Semester 1: History, French, Intro to chem, Intro to sociology , Art

Semester 2: History, statistics, intro to nutrition, minority studies, wellness

Summer: Anatomy and physiology I

Semester 3: Government, Anatomy and Physiology II

Semester 4; government microbiology 

I want to go to TWU but I am also considering Sam Houston and U of H.

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If you want to apply for semester 5, then you will need to move your nursing core classes up by a semester as they have to be complete to apply.    I would move US history 1 to semester 3, and US History 2 and Art to semester 4.  So then you can move AP1 to semester 2, ap2 to summer, microbiology to semester 3.

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