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High School Pre-Nursing: Math

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Hi, everyone! I'm a rising high school junior and we're at that time of year where we're choosing courses for next year -- my senior year. I'm planning on getting my BSN after high school and I'm taking a CNA course, AP Bio, and possibly A&P in preparation. That brings me to my math credit for senior year: I was originally planning on going from Algebra 2 to AP Statistics, knowing that most BSN programs require students to take a stats class. It turns out I don't have the prereqs for stats, which leaves me with two options: pre-calc and computer science. 

I'm heavily leaning towards CS. My perception is that calc isn't even that useful in nursing and I want to be as prepared as I can possibly be (correct me if this is wrong). Also, my current Algebra 2 teacher also teaches pre-calc and I really, really would rather not have her again if I can avoid it.

What course would y'all recommend for a high school student who's trying to become a nurse?

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After college, nurses pretty much rely on basic math and dimensional analysis unless they are in research. You sound pretty prepared which is great! I would say select the course you feel most comfortable with.

Best wishes on your nursing journey!

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