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High failure rate!

by cathyfreeman cathyfreeman (New) New Nurse

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I graduated 15 PN students in August. They were weak on ATI tests and performed poorly on the comprehensive exam (ATI). I had them all to take the NCSBN review course but thus far only 2 have passed! I have never had such a low percentage. 2 of 7 have passed! I am shocked and dismayed. Have any of you had a similar experience? There are six more to test.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

The poor scores on their ATI's were a warning. I just can't believe it is all of the students at this point. There is obviously room for improvment in your school's program. There is no reason to have such a high failure rate, let alone so few students even attempt to sit for the exam. This issue needs to be worked on ASAP as there could be consequences for your school's program if there is only a pass rate of 2/15 students.