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I just started UWorld yesterday and I wanted to know from those who have taken NCLEX or not did you all just go and answer questions or did it by system or category or whatever?



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I am using UWorld and I 'select all' under "Subjects" and "Systems". I haven't taken NCLEX yet but I take it at the end of the month. My rationale is that this strategy seems more true to the test - you will have to integrate critical thinking between body systems and questions will jump from one subject to another question-by-question. For now I am using tutor mode and reading rationales in between each question. However, a week and a half before the test I'm going to switch to "test" mode and then read all the incorrect rationales after completion - also because this seems more true to the test.

Good luck!

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I'll be signing up for UWorld soon and I will do exactly what PP suggested.