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In my school we take the HESI after each clinical. The first hesi we took before our first clinical, worth no points. The second hesi we took after the completion of our first clinical, worth 5% of our grade, fair, I think. So the first test, I did great on, over 950. The second one I just bombed, I was stunned when my score generated. Anyone else have something similar happen to them? I did not study for the test at all, however after finding the resources on evolve, I will def be taking advantage.

If you didn't prepare-the outcome isn't a surprise. Get an RN NCLEX book and study the questions and learn the rationales of the sections pertinent to the HESI ..

The individual HESI exams are predictive of success on exit HESIs which in turn is predictive of NCLEX success.

Good luck!


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