HESI at Glouster County NJ


I have read people talking about the HESI exit exam but I am taking it as an entrance exam to the nursing school..I already took my nets but now I am taking the HESI exam cause I didn't get into the school I wanted and now I have to take this one....is there a differece between HESI admission assement test and the exit exam...I can't seem to find any info anywhere...HELP..Has anyone every taken this one any advice would be greatly appriated..

I am very stressed!



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O.K. Do not stress! There is a difference in HESI entrance and exit exam. The entrance is the HESI A2. You can purchase a study guide from Elsevier. I bought mine online. It is not that bad of a test. It is pretty basic stuff. I do suggest you study for it though just as a refresher. I had to take all sections except for the Physics. Good luck!!!!

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