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Hesi foundations

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0I took my foundations hesi exam today. It was extremely hard. I been studying all week. I used the hesi comprehensive review book as well as the NCLEX rn purple book. The foundations hesi exam was something you absolutely can't study for. The questions were far fetched. I passed with a 87 and a score of 1001. I felt that the exam is a test how good a guesser you are. I thought I was going to fail it!!!! I have no idea how I passed. Any advice on how I should study on my next hesi for next semester??? I want to be competent in taking these exams.

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Nah - you only think you were "guessing". You responses were a result of pretty complex logic chains that were percolating in your brain... weighing the likelihood of various answers based upon your overall knowledge base. Srsly - there have been a bunch of studies on this. Your results illustrate that your education is working like it should!!! From an educator's perspective, I'm pretty confident that you're moving into conceptually-based thinking and well on your way to developing great clinical reasoning skills.

Congratulations. You've obviously got this.