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I am sorry if this is a over asked topic but I am really in need of a AWESOME Hesi Exit Prep! I have not passed 1 end of semester Hesi exam my entire RN school career, however I CAN NOT graduate if i do not pass the exit! I can not find an effective study approach PLEASE HELP!

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The best study aid that I found was - register this book on your evolve account and you will have access to practice exams... pay attention to those and review every rational no matter if you got the question correct or not.. the goal is to understand what the question is asking and what answer they are expecting. [h=1]HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 4th Edition[/h]

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AceOfHearts<3 specializes in Critical care.

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I passed my exit HESI the first time with close to 1000. My best advice is to focus on areas you are weakest and pay particular attention to safety, fundamentals and leadership. There is also a HESI review book (it's not very large) that gives you "HESI Hints" which are great because they help you see what the exam is looking for. A lot of people I know loved the website YourBestGrade. I really liked Prioritization, Delegation, & Assignment by La Charity. It's a great book and helps so much. I noticed a big difference after working through it. A lot of my classmates also really liked the website YourBestGrade.

Look at your old score reports to see what areas you are weakest in. You also need to look at how many questions from that subject make up the exam. For example, I knew going into my exit exam that I tend to score the worst on the women's questions. My worst subject hesi was in women's even though I did awesome in the course. However I also didn't spend a lot of time reviewing women's because it is not heavily tested (we were told on average about 10 questions). On my exit exam there were only about 10 questions relating to women's health. Compare that to almost 50 questions on fundamentals, over 25 questions on professional issues, and over 100 on med surg. So if you are weak in an area like women's that makes up only about 5% of the questions and also weak in an area like fundamentals that makes up over 25% of the questions you are better off spending most of your time reviewing fundamentals.

When I took my senior seminar class this is what we were told as they analyzed an old score report:

4 knows-

1. Know your material!!!

o Leadership/professional - about 30 questions

o Fundamentals - about 45 questions

o Med surg- half the test

§ Patho

§ Electrolytes

§ ABGs, etc.

§ Pharm is spread throughout

2. Know the rules

o Maslow's laws

o Nursing process

o ABCs

3. Know how to read (don't misread or read too much into the question)

4. Know the test (numbers below are from old exam)

o Assessment- about 25 questions

o Analysis- about 25 questions

o Planning- about 30 questions

o Implementation - about 65 questions

o Evaluation - about 10 questions

o Safety and infection control-- FUNDAMENTALS

o Physiological integrity-- Med Surg

o Maternal health (not a lot of questions - only about 10)


· Basic nursing skills- about 30 questions

o Safety

o Infection control

o Med admin

· Med math - about 5


Professional issues

· Leadership - about 20

· Legal & ethical issues - about 13



Mental health- therapeutic communication!!


Med surg- all these range from 15-20 questions each except where noted

· Cardiovascular

· Endocrine

· Resp

· GI/Hepatic-

· Physical assessment

· Growth and development (not a lot, so don't spend a lot of time studying- only a couple)



· F&E!!! worth a lot of points - about 10

· Acid base- about 10

· Mobility- questions are worth moderate amount (not as much as F&E, but still significant)- about 15





· Developmental



Jevohah's witness and consent

Standard precautions and infection control

Go over electrolytes

Med reconciliation



Good luck! You can do it!!





PS. The NCLEX RN Mastery App (about $30) is a really great resource. Download it on your phone, so when you are out and about waiting around you are making the most of your time and answering questions (like when stuck in the line at the grocery store).

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I passed my exit first try with 1036. My suggestion is to not overdo it. I think that studying from all types of books, apps, & review videos just makes it too much to take in and it hurts you in the end.

Pick a study tool or two and stick to it. I only used the Hesi book that was already suggested on here, and the Hurst review videos only. I picked the topics that I was really bad at (mental health), and reviewed the basics, mostly fundamentals. Other than that, stay calm, and take as long as you need. It took me like 4 hours to take my exit. And it was because I made sure that I was reading and re-reading the question. Breaking it down, asking myself what is it really asking? Then trying my best to select the best possible answer.

If you get too anxious and rush through, it'll hurt you in the end. Other than that, you know more than you think you know. Follow your instincts! But please make sure to take your time. It's really what saved me and helped me get such a good score (we needed a 950 to pass).

Good luck!

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Hi! I just took the exit HESI in August. I had to take it multiple times. I found that taking 1-2 weeks to study for it worked best for me. I used Silvestri's Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN book. The code it comes has a huge question bank program and it was is a great source for practice questions. The book itself is great for breaking down anything that you struggle with. I did not use the book much myself, because of the length of it, but I did the whole question bank and was able to pass with a 957 (passing grade needed was 850).

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E-commerce has 1 years experience as a CNA, LVN and specializes in Psychiatric, Diabetes advocate.

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Hi, I have to take the test in December. I would like to know how was your study plan scheduled? 4hours a day? How did you break down the comprehensive book? Thanks :p

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I agree with Aceofhearts. I used the green hesi book mentioned and went over what I was weak in. I also read the hesi hints and did 1 comprehensive test on evolve. Also nclex mastery app. Passed my exit hesi with a 1051!

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