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HESI Exit Exam

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Hello all, At my school we have to take the HESI exit. 3 out of 4 semesters the grade on HESI is averaged in with your final average to give you a FINAL grade for the semester, so you could technically fail the HESI but if your average is still good you would still pass the semester. However in your last semester you have to score at least an 850 on HESI just to graduate from nursing school. (THIS SUCKS!!!) I passed EVERYTHING but did not pass the HESI exit, so now I have to re-take my final semester of nursing school beginning in Jan. 2011. I have done boocoodles of NCLEX questions and still did not pass HESI. I even done the HURST review course, but if you know HESI, you know its really in depth information. ANY advice on passing the HESI the next time i take it?????? Please help...

Relax and trust in your own abilities! Test anxiety can really mess with your self-confidence. Trust your gut! Our school has a similar policy but they gave us a three day live Hesi review. There is really great Hesi book you can get that is made by Hesi for preparation. Here is the ISBN. GOOD LUCK!