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Hesi exit exam help

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Hello All;

Im trying to get assistance with the HESI exit exam. I've taken it twice with no avail. I've tried Best grade it didn't work. My school requires 900 & I was short 15 pts. I do t believe this exam is a reflection of me at all. Any suggestions?

Hello. I just read your post and I would like to help because I was once in your situation but I took the HESI exit 4 times before I passed. IMO "Best Grade" was my saving grace. I would like to know what you mean by it did not work...if you don't mind. When I purchased that study tool I was desperate and looking for anything that I felt would help me pass. I was making low scores on the quizzes and became frustrated very quickly. But I soon realized it was not about the low scores, it was about totally comprehending the exact format of HESI questions and how to answer the questions even when you have no clue about a particular subject.

Obviously you have to know content but you can't possibly know everything. I hope this helps. And let me know if I can help you pass the next time. Good luck future nurse!


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Use the green hesi book along with the evolve questions! And look at chapter 5 in saunders test taking tips. All I can say is keep doing as many questions as possible. And continue to use your best grade. Oh yea look at both of your remediation packets. It helps a little! Good luck!

I got just below a 900 on my exit HESI (maybe 890 or so), and my school says 900 is passing too. However, instead of retaking it, they did allow us to take a "failing" grade in our grade book for anything between 750-899, so that's what I did. My 890 translated to a 60 or 65 according to my school. I will tell you that while HESI is a good tool for preparing you for NCLEX, it is NOT a definite reflection of how you will do on NCLEX. With my "failing" grade on my exit HESI, I went on to pass NCLEX in 75 questions. So, yes, study for your HESI. Do your best. But know that it is not the end all be all!!

As far as preparing for HESI, my suggestion is to do practice questions like crazy. Any term/disease/med you come across in a question, write it down to look up later. But keep going...you got this!

I read the HESI book, did all the questions online that came with the book. Relax when you take the exam. Read each question 2-3 times carefully. Answer what the questions is really asking you. HESI is good at re-wording questions. Good luck you can do it.