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Hi, I would like to know more about the WAY the test is taken. Is it on a computer or on paper? Is each section timed or is there just a certain amount of time to take it and you take it at your own pace? I know these questions might sound kinda simple but I'm a senior in high school about to take this test because i'll be finishing up my associates degree in may and I'm so used to the SAT prep courses so im not sure what exactly to expect with this test. I only have 2 chances to take it and I really want to pass it on the first try.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.:confused::confused:

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It's on the computer and you do get scratch paper to use. There is a calculator on the computer, and the timer just runs for 4 hours. You are free to complete each section in any order, but the timer will not stop if you go and take a break. It didn't take me the full 4 hours. I finished it in 2. You'll be fine!

But remember fluid ounces for the math portion because I forgot to study that conversion :X