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HESI Evolve Entrance A2 Exam - UALR

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What topics are covered in the HESI Evolve A2 Entrance Exam in UALR?

I will be taking it later this week or the beginning of next week.

I'm applying for UALR ASN Program for Fall 2013. The deadline for the application is in February.

Few Questions:

1) How does the math section look like?

2) What does the critical thinking consist of?

3) Is physics included?

4) Any tips for the exam?

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Hi, I'm also a 2013 UALR ASN applicant. I took the HESI last month. There is a study guide that they recommend on UALR's ASN website. I had to order it though so if you can't find it in stores, you probably do not have time. Do not sweat it. It was not that difficult. UALR also gives you a break down of what is on the test. No physics at all. It was relatively easy - just stressful because it is timed. Good luck!

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