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  1. Hey everyone. I'm applying to the UTHealth School of Nursing for the August 15 deadline and I still need to take the Hesi A2 exam. I've been studying from three different study guides( Hesi Admission Assessment Exam Review, Hesi A2 Secrets Study Guide, and Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams). For the math portion of the exam, is there going to be geometry in it or will I be wasting my time learning geometry formulas? Also, what is the best resource to study for the vocabulary. I don't want to waste time on unnecessary words. Thanks ya'll.
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  3. by   o0fefe0o
    I just took the HESI last week for UTHSC & there was no geometry at all in the math portion. A few conversions, some ratios, fractions, and percentage problems were pretty much all that it consisted of.

    As for the vocab, use the study guide that Elsevier recommends. It was all healthcare/anatomy related terms, so as long as you have a general knowledge of word roots & prefixes, you should be good.
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    Thank you for the response o0fefe0o. Very much appreciated. I actually didn't apply for the August 15 deadline since I wasn't prepared for it. Did you get into the nursing program??