Ten day countdown...

  1. I am taking the exam in ten days and am starting to get nervous!!! This exam is required along with an "unofficial" 4.0 to get into the program. I have mastered the 4.0 but am really getting stressed about the Hesi. We are required to be tested on everything but Bio. The Grammar and Vocab are not of much concern, but the math is. I have studied 1-2 hours a day for the past two weeks and feel in the dark!!! We are the first nursing applicants for my program required to take it, and I am not sure what to focus on. I have also been told that even though my program requires us to score in the top 75 percentile, I actually need to score in the 95th for each portion. Such confusion, insight anyone?
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  3. by   Nurse2Bstacy123
    I actually worried myself SICK over the math portion. I am not great at math and I made a 100 on that section. I actually found it to be the easiest. The biggest thing is time management.