1. I just took my Hesi. I only had to take grammar, reading comp, vocab, and math. I scored a 92, 90,90, and 100, for an overall of 93. Im a little bummed and just hoping its good enough. What did everyone else do?
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  3. by   NurseNikki04
    Can you help me what book did you used for your Hesi test, or if you have any other tips on how to pass Hesi exam,please kindly help me.i've take Hesi A2 exam twice I did'n do well.i'm about to schedule for my third test.
  4. by   dreaming815
    i think your scores are great!! I only averaged out to 86% would feel a lot more confident if I did as well as you! what school did you apply to?
  5. by   karnie1o1
    94.86% total

    100 reading, 94 grammar, 94 vocab, 92 biology, 96 chemistry, 92 a&p, 96 math, 900 critical thinking.
    3.68 gpa

    applying to uthsc - houston.... anyone else doing the same? anyone know of people who got in and what scores they had?

    i bought the hesi review book on the testing website.... it's spot on, i have a bachelors in biology, which helped with the science, despite it being my lowest score haha.