Passed my HesiA2 - Pensacola State

  1. Just finished my HESI A2 Exam and scored a 90% overall. Any questions? I will be more than happy to share my experience...
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  3. by   sundayrose24
    Wow you did amazing !!!!!K i take mine next month. How did you prepare for the anatomy and physiology part ?..were the questions super specific ?. How long did you prepare for the exam.. How was it overall .? I'm so nervous ! Your input would be of great help! Thanks a lot . P.s sorry for bombarding you with all these questions
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  4. by   sigshaRN
    I would like to know more information about your studying techniques for the hesi. I was told I had to take it along with my prereqs to be on the waiting list. What is some good study materials? Thanks.