NCSBN's 3 week course for NCLEX-PN

  1. I failed my first attempt using Saunder's Comprehensive review and Exam Cram third edition. I maxed out at 205 questions. After taking the exam, I found that the practice questions from Saunder's was nowhere near the nclex questions, but more of a review of what you've gone over in school. Exam Cram questions were okay, but again.. it didn't really help me (other than the cram sheet with labs). I've heard that NCSBN's review course is the closest you can get to NCLEX style questions and that it has helped a lot of people pass their exam. I signed up for three weeks, and it took me four hours to complete the pre-test of 150 questions. The questions are really hard, I ended up getting a 55% on my pre-test. I got a little discouraged, but I'm going to keep practicing. I tried reading the content but there's a lot of information on there, considering that I only have three weeks with the review course. Has anyone taken the NCSBN course for PN and found it helpful and passed? Please let me know how it worked for you
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    That's shocking. When I graduated LPN school in 2004, I used Saunders and I went to 110 questions and passed. Saunders is what my director recommended to us and she was a writer for the NCLEX-PN