LSU HESI A2 - Chem? Bio? Physics?

  1. Hi. I'm applying to LSU SON for Fall 2012. I'm taking my HESI soon.
    Does anyone know if there is Chem, Bio, and/or Physics on the exam?

    I emailed Glenn Landry and some other staff but received an "out of the office" reply to my email. :/

    From reading on this message board, I understand there is A&P.

    Any input is appreciated.

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  3. by   stellanoella
    I am applying for fall 2012 at LSU and I just signed up to take the Hesi A2. I was going to take it on Dec. 12th but I hesitated and now I am left with Dec. 27th. Did you take your test yet? Did you get 2 copies right after you finished the exam? I am hoping that if there are indeed printed out copies that I can turn in one of them with my application. Any insight would be awesome! Good Luck, Tiger
  4. by   workstudysleep
    Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm new to this site - still trying to figure out how to use it.

    How did you do on your Hesi? I didn't think it was too bad esp. bc I didn't have time to prepare.

    I got the copies of my Hesi scores from

    Good luck to the both of us!!!!