Low on A2 Hesi, but high GPA.

  1. Hello Everyone !

    I just took my Hesi A2 and got a low score of 77%. But when the school grades the test, they combine the GPA and test score together. My problem is, when I got my Associates degree about 7 years ago my GPA was 2.2. I know, its terrible!!. Now I have been in school for a 1.5 years and my GPA now is a 3.6. So when the school combine my A2 score with my past and current GPA is came down to a 70%. I am devastated because this year that i have been in school, I have only been taking classes that are needed for chamberlain curriculum and i am paying out of pocket. However, my advisor said she will still send my documents to committee. because my current transcript is a filled with A's + and A-. she gave me some hope. my question is, do I still have a shot to get into Chamberlain College of Nursing-nj campus? with a low Hesi score and a current high GPA?

    has anyone experienced this and got into their school?

    My a2 Hesi score:
    72% English
    84% chem
    84% bio
    80% AP
    74% on math
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