I passed the HESI A2 last night!

  1. I took it last night and yes, there is a calculator. Don't stress the math part. Out of 55 questions, 35 of them were probably ratio questions, some conversion questions; the vocab, reading and grammar were easy.
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  3. by   nsojud
    Hello everyone anyone currently enrolled in capscare academy Florida please? Having difficulties in some of the courses online trying to start a study group any help please
  4. by   nsojud
    Any nursing student from capscare Flo who is almost done with the RN Program will also be of great help please.
  5. by   ch105
    I will be taking it tomorrow! what part of a&p should i focus on?
    Congrats on passing, future nurse!!!
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  7. by   lebelesprit_
    Hi darling. Im so sorry, I thought I replied to you already. I didn't have to take A and P. But how'd you do? I know you passed!!
  8. by   lebelesprit_
    thanks darling
  9. by   nsojud
    Congrats on passing your hesitate please