How is the HESI given/proctored in Las Vegas? (UNLV hopeful)

  1. Hello nurses,
    I have a question on how the HESI exam is given, specifically in Vegas. I've been given pretty conflicting info on if you are given a calculator or not during the test. Also, is it all multiple choice? (I am studying with the Evolve Elsevier study guide and they do both multiple choice and write in.)

    Also, any advice on how/what to study?

    Thanks everyone
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  3. by   musestrike
    I took the HESI here in Vegas less than a year ago.

    The exam gives you a basic digital calculator on screen in the math section. You have to click on the buttons to use it.

    It's mainly multiple choice. The only write in parts I remember were for some math questions.

    Find the areas you're weakest in and focus studying on those. For math specifically, memorize the conversions that your study guide should have.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Rebel_Alliance
    Thank you!!