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  1. So I re-took a couple of specialty HESIs prior to taking my comprehensive exit HESI (our school gives us specialty HESIs after the conclusion of each class at the end of each quarter on the same day of the final; then each HESI that was previously taken is administered again, during senior seminar) and I was kind of confused about what content was featured on the review right after you submit the exam.

    I was going over the review and noticed that it was reviewing questions that I got wrong as well as questions that I KNOW I answered right... meaning what the review was explaining the rationale of the answer I chose. This happened for about 2-3 questions in my med-surg, peds, and comprehensive (exit) HESI.

    My question is: are these rationales for questions that I know I got right perhaps one of the pilot questions that are included in the exam, that maybe they just throw in regardless of it being correct or not, or is there some sort of glitch? Has this happened to anyone else? Beucause I spoke with a classmate and they said the same thing happened to them. Thanks!
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