HESI - not bad at all compared to TEAS

  1. I took the HESI yesterday in Denver. To me, it was MUCH easier than the TEAS. So consider yourself more or less lucky if your school requires HESI! My school only requires a 75% or above in order to be accepted into program. We were only required to test on Math, Grammar, Vocabulary & Reading. Like I said- it wasn't bad. If I could do it all over again I would brush up on conversions, for example 1 cup = 8 ounces. I knew that one but then there was one where it asked about quarts to gallons or something along those lines, don't remember exactly, and I just guessed. Out of the 55 questions I was tested on I guessed on 6. You are allowed to use the calculator embedded in the test (on comp) and it makes it much better and allows you to "check your answers". Brush up on fractions- definitely! And know your Vocabulary- especially Physio & Anatomy terms because I was asked, and I didn't go over them.

    Anyway- hope this helps! GOOD LUCK!
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