HESI help!!

  1. I am a sophomore nursing student.... so close to finishing my first semester as a nursing student! Next week we have our first HESI test, and I am completely clueless and panicked on what to study. I have read some things online about the test, and that is just making me even more nervous. What exactly does the first HESI test cover? Is it basic information from health assessment? I know our teacher told us to study our case studies that we have completed over the semester, I just didn't know if I need to focus on other areas as well. If someone could please lean me towards the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    these are pretty much like nclex questions in format. your faculty wants to see how well you're progressing c this; class results will also give them feedback on how well their exams are preparing you for this. get a few nclex review books-- there are lots of them-- and read over the sections that resemble what you're studying.

    warning: there are online offers out there for hesi sample tests. remember, caveat emptor, "may the buyer beware." also see the threads on cheating in school and elsewhere. not cool. no guarantees. also... not a good road to start down.