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  1. Is there anyway you can view the exact questions you missed on the evolve website?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   JaeMPH
    No, there is no way to see the specific question word-for-word. However, if you look at the detail report for each section it will tell you the question number and the topic of the question that you missed.
  5. by   jtboy29
    Just like one person said there's no way to view the exact questions because I believe this prevents students from memorizing the information in a question just in case it appears on another HESI exam. The best you can do is study the content area on your detailed report and keep doing practice questions in those content areas. When I approached HESI exams my 2nd run through the last term of the program I spent most of my time doing practice questions in content areas I was weak in along with reading the HESI book.