Hesi exit exam v2 and v3

  1. I need Q&A from the hesi exit exam v2 and v3. I've failed v1 already and need help. Can someone assist me?
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  3. by   dkadanny
    Hi! I just wanted to say that I just recently took the HESI on Dec. 21 and had V7. it was my first time taking the exam and I don't think that it goes in that order. I thought that since it was my first time that I would get V1 but didn't. I did pass and I studied the Evolve case studies with practice questions and the Evolve reach HESI comprehensive NCLEX-RN Examination book with CD. Good luck!
  4. by   BSNnurse1
    Did anyone ever find any q&a on HESI v2?
  5. by   ilovemaxpuppy
    did you take your hesi v3? please PM me