HESI exam vs TEAS V exam

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm in the process right now of waiting to hear back from 3 different BSN programs that I applied to for Spring 2017. While waiting to hear back from these schools I'm considering applying to a few ASN programs at the local community colleges as a back up plan. To give you a little bit of background information, I'm a second degree-seeking college graduate with a BS in Exercise Science. My grades aren't the best, I graduated with 127 credit hours with a 3.2, then took another 25 credit hours at another local university and had an overall 3.45 in those hours.

    I took the TEAS V exam earlier this year for the BSN programs, and these were my scores:
    (My score%/national average score %)
    Overall: 90.7%/64.3%
    Reading: 90.5%/70.5%
    Math: 86.5%/69.0%
    Science: 91.7%/53.6%
    English: 90.0%/63.8%

    I put about 10 hours total into studying and taking practice exams for the TEAS V Exam, so how does the HESI Exam compare in terms of difficulty? I read horror stories on allnurses before I took the TEAS test, but for me it was easier than almost any other midterm I had in college, and I'm an awful test taker How much should I worry about preparing for the HESI exam?
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