Hesi advice help!

  1. Hey everyone new member here.

    So today I took the Hesi for the first time and scored okay.
    At my school we have to take the A&P, Math, Grammar, Reading, and Vocabulary.

    My scores were

    Math: 84%
    Grammar: 86%
    Vocab: 84%
    A&P: 72%

    I was using the Elsevier HESI Admissions Assessment Exam Review Edition 3.

    I was wanting to know anything that I could study to help with this A&P grade! At my school a 75% is minimal for entrance on each section! Thanks for looking and please help!
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  3. by   sundayrose24
    Hey ibreezeby did you only use the book to study ? Or you used textbooks etc ? Thnks .....