HESI A2 vs TEAS help!

  1. I have taken the TEAS 6 twice.. and waiting for my results on my 2nd attempt as of now ( papertest vs computer). For me the hardest part was:Reading comprehension, grammar/language. I struggled especially with language/grammar. Anyhow, I found out two schools are requiring the HESI vs the new version TEAS. I've never even heard of a HESI exam until these schools informed me. That being said why is there not much resources for the HESI A2 like there was for the TEAS?? I feel lost with the HESI. I purchased the Elsevier book for the HESI but I feel that is not enough. I have to take 6 sections on the HESI can anyone inform me if the HESI is similar ( reading comprehension, language, grammar, math) like the teas?
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