HESI A2 Vocab

  1. I was wondering what kind of vocabulary is on the HESI A2 (without giving specific test questions). Does it cover most of the words in the review book or is it mostly medicinal terminology? Also, were all of the questions in sentence format?
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  3. by   skvuong
    For the vocabulary section, it will usually give you a sentence with the word. To be honest, you can use context clues but the sentences never really helped me (im bad at context clues) haha. The review book is not enough.. i would say maybe 15-20 of the words were on there. I also memorized words from quizlet, and almost none was on there too (maybe I wasnt studying the right quizlets). The words are random. I ended up guessing half the test (thought I was going to fail this section tbh) but I ended up getting a 94% so good luck!