Hesi A2 testing this month. Any Advice?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I will be taking my admissions test on the 28th of this month for Watts Schoo or nursing in NC and wanted to know if you guys have any advice? I am nervous but then again excited. Please share! Much appreciated.
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  3. by   rob95
    Make sure you know what sections you are being tested on and review as much as possible. Know whats your weakest subject and focus on the studying that material the most. Mines was the grammar portion, I haven't took an English course in so long so I forgot a lot of the rules so that what I studied the most. The math is basically elementary school math (know your metric conversions), and the reading and vocab are as simple as can be. I just took the HESI at my school and passed with a 90%. It was not really hard but I was nervous and it took me about 2.5 hours Good luck
  4. by   Jtingle44
    Thank you rob95!

    I take mine on Thursday and I am so nervous and a little stressed. I have been studying a lot and dont want to forget what I've studied or freeze up during the test. My weakness is definitely math. My school only require us to take Math, Vocab, Grammar, and Reading comp. Thank you for the great advice! I will make sure I don't stress too much and just relax.