1. i am really nervous about this exam.. i take it tomorrow at 1230.. i am more worried about biology, chemistry, and math more than anything.. if anyone can please please please shed some light on anything else i could study for these that would be great.
    for example.. for the math, how much of it is based on conversions? and for chemistry, is there a lot of questions based on moles, etc?
    i am pretty set on vocab and grammar..
    if anyone can please please help calm my nerves that would be great! there is no anatomy, phys, or physics on the exam i have to take.
    thank you for any help you can give!
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    It's really really basic stuff. I literally just showed up and put some answers into the computer and scored a 97% cumulative.
  4. by   khall434
    were there a lot of conversions for the math? and for chem was there any like, electron configurations and moles? the hesi book seems so much harder than it needs to be. i guess that's why i'm stressing out so much.