HESI A2 Entrance Exam...

  1. I took the HESI entrance exam and I'm worried my scores won't be good enough.

    We have to pass everything with a minimum of 75

    Here are my scores below:

    Reading comprehension 88
    Grammar 78
    Vocabulary 76
    A&P 76
    Math 94

    Critical thinking 860

    I believe they say they use your HESI for tie breakers

    I have max points in prereq classes which are English 1301 and A&P1 I have A's in both of those classes.

    Has anyone had scores like this and still got in the program with out being on a waiting list?

    Should I retake it? By the way I have horrible test anxiety and was seeing the school counselor every week. I would hate to take it again.
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  3. by   kbriscoe24
    I personally would retake the exam. Although it meets the minimum requirement, it may not be as competitive. The HESI study manual will help you a lot for the subjects you scored low in. The manual goes into detail especially math. Try looking at quizlet and crash course for more study material. You can only take the HESI 2 times in a lifetime so make sure you study well.