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  1. Hi all! I've been looking on this forum about hesi a2 advice and its been great I just have a few question. I have the trivium study book but it kind of seems like information overload especially for biology and chemistry. I have also been doing practice tests online and reviewing on quizlet.
    I am most worried about chemistry and biology. I know everyone says its just the basic concepts but I'm really having trouble remembering it all- especially chemistry. I plan on making flashcards tonight- any particular topics I should focus on.
    I'm slightly worried about math because of conversions. it seems like a lot to memorize. I've heard its mostly fractions and conversions- any conversion types in particular? I'm not worried at all about basic math and algebra, I just think these conversions and fractions might bring my score down.

    any help/advice about specifics would be great! I take the test on July 31st!

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