1. Can anyone tell me if Chemistry and Physics will be on the Hesi A2? It seems that most people just mention basic Biology. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   rlgarza87
    Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy are all sections in the HESI A2 but it really depends on what sections you are required to take. At the college I'm attending we are only required to take Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Anatomy.
  5. by   petagayle
    It all depends on what your college/university requires. So you should what you need to take and just focus on those.
  6. by   MotherofVitals
    Thank you!
    It is for Miami Dade College and it required 7 sections - Math (55 ?s), Reading (55), Vocabulary (55), Grammar (55), Chemistry (30), A&P (30) and Biology (30). Luckily no physics!
  7. by   petagayle
    I'm required the same but I need 80% overall and 80% in math to be considered.