1. I took the hesi exam today and bomb the vocabulary part I use the hesi study guide and studied every vocabulary word in the book. When I took the hesi vocabulary test this morning none of the vocabulary words from the book where on the test. What else can I study to know the vocabulary words on the hesi test. I had no idea what the words were on the test. Basically I had never seen them once before please help me
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  3. by   Cat365
    Is English your original language? I only ask because of something in your writing style.

    My advice would be to read, a lot. It doesn't really matter what you are reading, but it seems like you need to expand your vocabulary. Look up any words that are new to you and try to understand how and why they were used.

    Try a different study guide. If you don't understand the usage or definition of the words then you need to read more. In my experience most of the words in a study guide are not the same ones on a test.
  4. by   oajakaye
    I took my Hesi Exit today and failed. I want to take it again on Wednesday please help which site will guarantee my pass. Am under pressure right now so I have to pass. It is comprehensive NCLEX PN style.